“Za and the space” multimedia exhibition

“Za and the space” multimedia exhibition

2019, 30 years after the death of Cesare Zavattini, the father of cinematographic neorealism. Cesare Zavattini was one of the most appreciated Italian screenwriters abroad, to the point of earning three nominations for the Academy Award in the “Best screenplay” category for Sciuscià (1946),

Ladri di biciclette (1948) and Umberto D. (1952), all films directed by Vittorio De Sica.

The exhibition consists of several panels and a documentary and makes use of augmented reality. You will see spaceships fluttering on the walls and space coming alive! The exhibition is linked to the projection of the first two episodes of the first Italian comic-space work (1936) Saturn against the earth, created by a young Cesare Zavattini.

Talking about a figure as complex and rich as Zavattini, Za for those who loved him, is not easy, we had to bring out his irrepressible and boundless creative force and encourage the public to learn about his work.

So we chose large panels that “look” at the visitor and talk about Za in some important moments of his life or the lively look of the protagonists of his works; phrases that talk about him and for those who are more curious, in-depth panels. Furthermore, a documentary illustrates his work creatively.

“The world is small, if we see it so” was his motto. Reality hides aspects that we can only discover if we look at it with an attentive eye.

To look “beyond” we used “augmented reality”, as he used fantasy in his time! We invite you to use them both when visiting the exhibition!